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autorizovaný architekt ČKA 04154
Štěpán Tomas
chartered architect
I believe that even self-conscious architecture can be designed with humility and respect for the existing environment. Under the INSCRIPTIONmakers brand, I design and then help you realize a building that enriches your world and becomes a natural part of the place where it is placed.  In the Czech Republic, in Europe, in the world. In the city, in the mountains, by the sea. Wherever you need it, wherever it is important to you.

I am available for a no-obligation consultation, preparation of an architectural study, detailed building design and related documentation for building permits. The services offered also include discussing your project with authorities, administrators and other institutions and obtaining planning permission or building permits.

...what do you dream of?

I am an architect working with a team of experienced structural engineers and specialists. I will take care of the design of your house, whether that intention is a country house, a city villa, a corporate headquarters, an apartment building or a private gallery. Or is your dream a wellness centre, a city block, a hotel with spectacular views? Do you dream of a chalet in the mountains or villa on the sea shore ?

When you want a unique architecture...

Štěpán Tomas

Email or call and let's create your project:

+420 739 362 002
inscription [ɪnˈskrɪpʃən] ; from Latin inscriptionem ; engraved inscription, dedication, inscription ... I perceive an architectural work as a spatial "inscription" created by man on the earth, as an "inscription" of an idea in space, either on the earth's surface or directly into it.
makers [ˈmeɪkəs] ; those who create, shape, form... in the design phase I shape the space virtually, by realizing the building it is shaped physically. The architectural work produced is always the result of the collaboration and influence of many people and realities.
about me;
2001 - 2007 Faculty of Architecture BUT Brno
2008 - 2021 ATX Architects
Member of the Czech Chamber of Architects, chartered ČKA 04154 .
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