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Apartment house | Malé Vrbno | CZE

The proposal deals with the modification of the existing building - the building of the former canteen, which is part of the non-operational graphite mines. The building is located on the border of the Rychlebské hory and the Kralický Sněžník massif, in a tourist attractive location. The investor's intention is to modify the existing building and operate it as an apartment-type accommodation facility.

The building is designed as a villa in terms of shape and expression. It acknowledges its original shape and does not disguise itself as a mountain hut or a traditional house.

The existing building has an austere administrative expression given to it by the KORD system. The aim of the design is to give the 40-year-old and dilapidated building a more civil appearance, to unify the building in shape, material and colour as much as possible. The limitation in the design of the facades is the modular system, which determines the position of the window openings if the design is to be solved in an economically acceptable way. 

To increase the comfort of the accommodation, a garden kitchen and a detached sauna will be placed on the property.
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