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Residential houses | Holešov | CZE

The proposal deals with the new construction of two apartment buildings and adjacent public and residential areas. The material design of the apartment buildings responds to the large and compact volume of the future shopping centre and at the same time to the efficient use of the internal layout. In relation to the monoblock with a smooth façade, which will be the shopping centre, the mass of the apartment buildings is designed in a spatially articulated way - articulated by distinctive balconies. In relation to the internal layout, the volume is designed to be as compact and regular as possible to make the arrangement of the internal layouts as efficient as possible.

The two houses will be identical in shape in terms of external volume, only mirrored. The similar appearance, including the uniform colour scheme, is an important expressive element of the design which will help to effectively soften the character of the development in the area (which is varied and disorderly) whilst allowing the apartment blocks to stand alongside the more volumetrically prominent shopping centre.

The full balcony railings give the building a distinctive expression that will stand up to the use of the building, where the railings are not obscured by reeds or netting as might be the case with balconies with a more transparent perimeter. The balconies will significantly increase the user comfort of the dwelling units.
||| study 2024
||| cooperation ATX Architekti, s.r.o.



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