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Family house
South Moravian Region | CZE

Intensive existing development, sharp shapes of surrounding buildings, atypical shape of the plot. The proposed house confidently defines the space around it in a formally dynamic, even complicated, area.
The house has one storey and an attic under an atypically designed pitched roof. In the street part, the roof transitions into the façade in the form of folded wedges. The result is a sculptural building with an articulated mass whose expression in the street view is related to the triangular dormers of the neighbouring houses.
The crystalline form of the building towards the public realm and neighbouring properties is predominantly formed by a solid external envelope; the perimeter walls and roof. Maximum glazing, on the other hand, opens up views into the garden, where the interior of the house connects to the private outdoor space. The exterior areas are dominated by a long swimming pool, at the end of which is a garden kitchen with dining area.
||| draft 2022
||| co-author Jiří Janoušek
||| private investor
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